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Citizen Feedback on Colorado Judges

We welcome your feedback!

Commissions on Judicial Performance Evaluation review information from many valuable sources. One source includes Survey Reports compiled from completed questionnaires of selected individuals appearing before Colorado judges. The selection process is complicated, and as such, not all those appearing before judges can be selected. If you have recently appeared before a judge, and believe you can provide information about the judge's skills and abilities, then this is your opportunity to participate in the process!

The rules governing commission activities allow commissioners to consider information from interested persons. However, in order to be considered, interested persons must:

1. Provide their name and address;
2. Submit the information before April 1 in the year the judge is standing for retention. However, your feedback is continually collected and provided to commissions at the appropriate times during evaluation periods.

If you're interested participating, please complete the form below to begin.

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