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2017 Surveys Underway

2017 Surveys can be completed online at www.ojpe.netSurvey letters are arriving in the mail.  Individuals who receive a letter are invited to provide feedback on a Colorado judge they have been before in the courtroom.  Surveys can be completed online at www.ojpe.net (using the individual username and password found in the letter).  If you do not have a computer or cannot get to the survey online, a paper survey will be mailed to your address in a few weeks.  Paper surveys are sent with a postage paid return envelop. 

Thank you for participating!

Your Vote Matters

Election day is November 8, 2016.  Know your judges.  Vote your judges.  Justice is blind.  You don't have to be.

You have the right to decide which of our state court judges should stay at their jobs and which shouldn’t, just as you do with official in all other branches of government.

The only difference is judges stand in a retention election where your vote answers the simple question “should the judge be retained; Yes/No?  If a majority votes “yes” the judge stays on their job.  If the majority votes “no” a new judge is appointed by the governor from candidates selected by a nominating commission as a person qualified to serve the public as a judge.


By exercising that right with an informed vote, you ensure that our tradition of fair and impartial courts continues.


Judicial Performance Evaluations

Justice is blind.  You don't have to be.  In our state, you have the right to make an informed vote on whether judges stay on the bench or not.  Your vote helps to keep our courts free and fair.  Know your judges.  Vote your judges.In our work, we all deserve to be judged on our skills and performance. Judges are no different. So our state developed a process to fairly and accurately evaluate each judge’s work and report that back to you. Then you can make an informed decision when you vote.

Judicial evaluations are based on courtroom observations, a review of written decisions, an interview with the judge, case management reports, and judicial evaluations responses from attorneys and non-attorneys who have experience before the judge. A performance commission conducts the evaluation and makes a recommendation to voter about retention and  provides voters information about the judge’s experience and performance on the bench. Voters can also review the results of the judicial surveys at www.OJPE.org

Civic Duty

It's not a right if you don't exercise it.  In our state, you have a right to make an informed vote on whether judges stay on the bench or not.  Your vote helps to keep our court free and fair.  Know your judges.  Vote your judges.To maintain and improve the quality of courts in Colorado, we all have a duty to vote for the judges who appear on the ballot in each general election. Remember to make it to the bottom of the ballot and exercise your right to vote for the judges who serve your state and community.

The rights of all of us are at stake if our courts don’t work. Your vote for judges ensures our courts uphold the highest standards of fairness and integrity. Your vote reminds judges there is a system to monitor their performance and that they are accountable you, the public.

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