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Thirteenth Judicial District Commissioners

Kit Carson, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma Counties

Name Appointment by and Type* Term Date
Kim D. Bartell SH, Attorney 11/30/2017
Janie M. Churchwell CJ, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Bethleen McCall SH, Non-Attorney 11/30/2019
Thomas Parks G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Alan Quiram CJ, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Matthew Richardson CJ, Attorney 11/30/2019
Amy M. Schmidt G, Attorney 11/30/2019
Loren G. Sharp, Chair G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Joshua Sonnenberg PS, Non-Attorney 11/30/2019
Levi Williamson PS, Attorney 11/30/2017

District Administrator
Douglas Short
110 Riverview Rd.
Room 200
Sterling, CO 80751

*CJ = Chief Justice
G = Governor
PS = President of the Senate
SH = Speaker of the House

PIL = Public Information Liaison