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Seventeenth Judicial District Commissioners

Adams and Broomfield Counties

Name Appointment by and Type* Term Date
Linda L. Alexander CJ, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Ellen G. Alires-Trujillo PS, Attorney 11/30/2017
Caryn A. Datz SH, Attorney 11/30/2017
Lori A. Ella G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Robert W. Kinney CJ, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Gary Mikes PS, Non-Attorney 11/30/2019
Heidi M. Miller G, Attorney 11/30/2019
Lila Pedroza SH, Non-Attorney 11/30/2019
LuzMaria Shearer, Vice-Chair G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2017
Brice Steele, IV CJ, Attorney 11/30/2019

District Administrator
 Ben Stough
Adams County Justice Center
1100 Judicial Center Drive
Brighton, CO 80601

*CJ = Chief Justice
G = Governor
PS = President of the Senate
SH = Speaker of the House

PIL = Public Information Liaison