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Fourth Judicial District Commissioners

El Paso and Teller Counties

Name Appointment by and Type* Term Date
Jody H. Alyn G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021
Kanda Calef SML, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021
Randy Cubero PS, Non-Attorney 11/30/2019
Thomas (T.C.) Dantzler, Jr. G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021
Debra L. Eiland CJ, Attorney 11/30/2023
Daniel G. Kay SH, Attorney 11/30/2021
Joi G. Kush PS, Attorney 11/30/2021
Terry P. Martinez SH, Non-Attorney 11/30/2019
Dave Paul HML, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021
Murray Weiner, Chair CJ, Attorney 11/30/2019

District Administrator

Scott Sosebee
P.O. Box 2980
Colorado Springs, CO 80901



CJ = Chief Justice
G = Governor
PS = President of the Senate
SH = Speaker of the House

SML = Senate Minority Leader

HML = House Minority Leader

PIL = Public Information Liaison