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2012 Judicial Performance Evaluation Statistical Report

Pursuant to: § 13-5.5-103(1)(q), C.R.S. (2012)

Of the 95 eligible judicial officers, 90 decided to stand for retention in 2012.  (See Table A for a breakdown by judge type.)  State and District Commissions performed a total of 92 judicial performance evaluations, of which two judicial officers decided not to stand for retention after being evaluated.

State and District Commissions recommended 88 of the 90 (97.7%) judicial officers be retained in office.  Of the remaining two, one commission recommended the judge not be retained, while another commission offered “no opinion” on the judge.

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Justices and Judges Standing for rentention in 2012

* Judges serving provisional terms were appointed by the Governor to fill a vacancy

Retention Election Results

Colorado voters decided to retain all 90 judicial officers standing for retention in 2012, including those judges receiving a “do not retain” or “no opinion” recommendation.

Dating back to the first retention election held in 1990, 1,176 judicial officers have stood for retention in 12 election cycles.  During this time, Commissions recommended to retain 1,147 judicial officers (97.5%), while recommending 17 (1.5%) not be retained. Commissions offered no opinion on 12 judicial officers (1%) during this period.

Colorado voters elected to retain 1,166 of the 1,176 (99.1%) judicial officers standing for retention since 1990.  As shown in Table B, Colorado voters retained 99.7% of the judges receiving retain recommendations, 64.7% of those receiving do not retain recommendations, and retained all judicial officers where commissions offered no opinion.

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Commission Recommendations and Election Results: 1990 - 2012