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First Judicial District - Jefferson County Judge

Honorable Francis C. Jackson

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

Based upon the assessment of all available information, the Commission on Judicial Performance recommends Judge Francis C. Jackson BE RETAINED.

Francis C. Jackson was appointed to the county court in January 1977.  Prior to this appointment, he served for three years in Jefferson County as a district court referee.  He worked with the District Attorney in the First Judicial District for six years.  Judge Jackson is the presiding judge of the Jefferson County Courts. He serves on several professional committees; County Strategic Planning Committee; Domestic Violence Task Force; and is active with the local, state and national Mock Trial Program for high school students.  He is a member of the Arvada Elks Club.

Judge Jackson hears traffic, criminal (felony and misdemeanor), and civil cases.

Surveys show overwhelming support for Judge Jackson to be retained.  He received high rating for fairness, knowledge of the law, evidence and procedures.  His ability to treat parties equally, sense of justice, capacity to find facts and avoid public influence received high marks. Judge Jackson’s oral and written decisions are clear. His courtroom is run efficiently.  Several respondents scored Judge Jackson lower on survey questions concerning patience and courtesy.