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Second Judicial District - District Judge

There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable Larry J. Naves

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

The Judicial Performance Commission of the Second Judicial District recommends that Judge Naves BE RETAINED.

Judge Larry J. Naves graduated from the University of Denver in 1968 and received his law degree from the University of Colorado in 1974. Prior to Judge Naves’ appointment he served as a deputy state public defender from 1974 to 1979. From 1979 to 1984 he practiced as an assistant federal public defender. In 1984 he went into private practice with the law firm of Schoenwald, Burke & Naves. Judge Naves was appointed to the bench on January 13, 1987. He was assigned first to the domestic relations division and moved to the criminal division in 1988. Judge Naves presently serves in the civil division.

Judge Naves is married and has three children.

Attorney survey results rate Judge Naves very highly in all areas of judicial performance, including displaying an appropriate sense of justice, finding facts without public influence, treating all parties equally, knowing and applying the law and rules of evidence, ruling on motions, conducting settlement conferences, delivering clear written and oral decisions, exhibiting appropriate judicial demeanor, acting courteously, maintaining courtroom control, display of compassion and issuing prompt rulings and decisions. Judge Naves is considered a hard worker. Judge Naves’ overall performance record since his appointment to the bench nearly ten years ago establishes him as a consistently outstanding judge.

Written survey results showed that 86.5% of attorneys, 75% of courthouse personnel, and 100% of jurors favored retention; 10.8% of attorneys and 2.3% of courthouse personnel favored non-retention; and 2.7% of attorneys and 22.7% of courthouse personnel had no opinion.