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Second Judicial District - Denver County Judge

There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable Andrew S. Armatas

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

The Judicial Performance Commission of the Second Judicial District recommends that Judge Armatas BE RETAINED.

Judge Armatas graduated from the University of Colorado in 1962 and received his law degree from the University of Denver in 1965. He was admitted to the Colorado Bar on October 1, 1965. Prior to his appointment Judge Armatas was a partner in the firm of Tallmadge, Tallmadge, Wallace and Hahn. Judge Armatas was appointed to the bench on February 28, 1990. He was assigned first to the traffic division and moved to the juvenile court division in 1993.

Judge Armatas currently serves as the presiding judge by appointment of the mayor. In that position he is the chief executive officer for the largest court between Kansas City and Phoenix; a court that hears 240,000 cases a year, takes in 15,000,000.00 in revenue, and has 300 employees including 17 judges and 18 magistrates. He also hears preliminary hearings in first degree murder cases. Due to the administrative nature of his current position, survey responses are not included.

Judge Armatas emphasizes the importance of customer service in the courts. He would like to develop a child care center in or near the courthouse for children of litigants and witnesses. The judge is working with the Denver Bar Association and the court administrator to establish such a center.

Judge Armatas advised the Commission that he filed for personal bankruptcy in early 1995, as a result of his membership in a failed real estate general partnership that had invested in Denver area properties before he was appointed a judge. The Commission review the entire bankruptcy file and finds that the bankruptcy arose from legitimate business decisions and was not a result of any improprieties. The Bankruptcy Court has order discharge of Judge Armatas’ debts. The Commission finds that Judge Armatas’ performance as a judge has not been affected by his bankruptcy, and should have no bearing on his retention.