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Seventh Judicial District - Gunnison County Judge

Honorable Karl Ranous

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

The Seventh Judicial District Commission unanimously recommends that Judge Ranous BE RETAINED.

Judge Karl E. Ranous was appointed to the County Bench of Gunnison County in 1993. A law graduate of Harvard, Judge Ranous had previously engaged in the private practice of law for twenty-five years, with a primary emphasis on civil law. Since appointment, the majority of Judge Ranous’ case load is attributed to traffic matters and misdemeanor offenses, with a small percentage of civil cases and felony complaints.

Generally, Judge Ranous received favorable ratings from Courthouse personnel, attorneys, and law enforcement. A small portion of law enforcement responses expressed concerns in the areas of favoritism, fairness, public confidence, and patience. Even with the concerns stated by law enforcement, 46% recommended that Judge Ranous be retained and 27% stated no opinion.

All Courthouse personnel and practically all attorneys appearing before Judge Ranous highly rated his performance in virtually all categories. Judge Ranous was rated very high in the areas appropriate demeanor, fair, and equal treatment of parties, and knowledge of the law. A number of attorneys’ responses included laudatory comments as to the Judge’s abilities and good qualities, with 88% recommending that Judge Ranous be retained in office. Courthouse personnel joined in with 100% recommending retehntion.