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Eighth Judicial District - District Judge

Honorable John-David Sullivan

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

The Judicial Performance Committee recommends that Judge Sullivan BE RETAINED.

Judge Sullivan was appointed to the Larimer County District Court bench in 1976. He was a practicing attorney in Denver for a short time before beginning his private practice in Fort Collins. He is appointed by the Colorado Supreme Court to the position of Chief Judge for the 8th Judicial District.

Judge Sullivan presides over civil, criminal and domestic relations cases. In the past he was the Larimer County Probate Judge.

Based on survey of attorney, Judge Sullivan was given 80% or greater approval for: sense of justice; finding facts without public influence; knowledge of the law (95%); knowledge of evidence (95%); motions; settlement; clear written decisions (94%); clear oral decisions; appropriate demeanor; maintaining control in the courtroom (95%); diligent worker (100%); prompt rulings and decisions (95%); punctual proceedings (97%); and use of relevant factors in sentencing.

Judge Sullivan was rated as high or higher in the above categories by separate surveys of jurors, courtroom personnel, and law enforcement personnel. He received especially high ratings from jurors who were surveyed.

Judge Sullivan received his lowest ratings from attorneys in categories of: courtesy (71% agreeing that he was courteous); sentencing (63.2% agreeing that his sentences were fair); and compassion (75% agreeing that he displayed compassion).

Critical comments from attorneys included complaints that Judge Sullivan is unpredictable, shows favoritism toward certain attorneys and unfair treatment toward certain other attorneys. Judge Sullivan was criticized for forming his how concepts, then not being willing to consider contrary points of view. In this sense, he was perceived an inflexible. Other attorneys responding to the survey complimented Judge Sullivan as an excellent trial judge who treats litigants with courtesy, is knowledgeable and responsive to attorney needs, and is very prompt and thoughtful.