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Eighteenth Judicial District - District Judge

There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable Thomas J. Curry

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

The Commission unanimously recommends that Judge Thomas J. Curry BE RETAINED.

Judge Thomas J. Curry has served on the bench for 14 years. He was first appointed to the Douglas County Curt in August 1981, and was later appointed to the Douglas County District Court. Prior to accepting appointment to the bench, he held a position of Deputy District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District.

Judge Curry received outstanding support from practicing attorneys who were appreciative of the Judge’s promptness in his written and oral rulings. In managing his docket, he received high praise for his courtroom demeanor and control in that cases were dealt with in a reasonable time frame and the decisions are well supported by the facts and circumstances of the case. Although Judge Curry has a great deal of experience on the bench, his self-evaluation clearly demonstrates his willingness to consistently seek improvement in effectively managing his docket and improving his responsiveness to the public.