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First Judicial District - District Judge

2008 Retention Survey Report

Honorable Jane A. Tidball

Retention year: 2008
Recommendation: Retain

The First Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously and strongly recommends that Judge Jane A. Tidball BE RETAINED.

Background: Judge Tidball was appointed to the First Judicial District Court in August 1998.  Prior to her appointment to the Court, Judge Tidball was a District Court magistrate in the 20th Judicial District.  Her community interests include helping numerous charities, being a guest professor at a local law school and speaking at high schools.  Professionally, Judge Tidball has been involved in an impressive array of legal commissions and committees.  She is currently serving on the Colorado Supreme Court Civil Rules Committee.

Judge Tidball believes that it is critical for a judge to foster a positive reputation in the community, so the public will have confidence both in the judge and the system.  She has published a wide range of legal articles in four different legal communications.  She also chaired a district-wide committee on conducting mediation in criminal cases last year.

Strengths: Judge Tidball possesses many strengths that are an asset to both her and to her position.  Descriptions of her strengths from those surveyed about her include good communication, knowledgeable of the rules of evidence, neutral and unbiased, great asset to the bench, tight control over proceedings, understandable language, dignity, no ex parte communications, she makes tough decisions, and she writes excellent opinions.

Weaknesses: Descriptions of her weaknesses from those surveyed about her include rushing trials and pushing an unrealistic trial schedule.  Judge Tidball reported that she has already taken action to address these matters.

Recommendation: 97% of the attorneys who were surveyed recommended that she be retained, and 91% of the non-attorneys recommended that she be retained.  The commission concurs and strongly recommends that Judge Jane A. Tidball BE RETAINED.