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Second Judicial District - Denver County Judge

2008 Retention Survey Report
There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable Alfred Harrell

Retention year: 2008
Recommendation: Retain

The Second Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge Alfred Harrell BE RETAINED.

Background: Judge Harrell was appointed to the Denver County Court in November 1985.  Prior to his appointment to the bench, he was an attorney in private practice for 13 years.  Judge Harrell received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado in 1966, and in 1971 he graduated from the University of Denver School of Law.

Strengths: Judge Harrell received good ratings from attorneys in many categories.  In addition to survey evaluations, the Commission reviewed written comments about Judge Harrell from both attorneys and non-attorneys.  Commission members also considered the judge’s self-evaluation, written orders, a personal interview, and observed him in court.  Judge Harrell actively participates in the community and in bar associations, serves as faculty for National Institute of Trial Advocacy; and seeks law students and newly admitted lawyers to mentor.

Weaknesses: Judge Harrell received low ratings in most categories from several of the 12 non-attorneys responding to the questionnaire.

Recommendation: Of the 27 attorneys responding to the questionnaire, 88% percent recommended that Judge Harrell be retained.  Only 12 non-attorneys responded to the questionnaire.  Of those, 67% recommended retention.  Thus, only four non-attorneys and three attorneys recommended he not be retained.  Judge Harrell’s average score is 2.89 (per the State Commission on Judicial Performance which weighs the 12 non-attorney responses equal to the 27 attorney responses).  However, commission members believe that an insufficient number of questionnaires were returned and that those that were as well as the statistical weighting methodology used do not accurately capture Judge Harrell’s strengths.  Observations of his work on the bench and review of his written orders convinced the Commission to recommend retention.