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Fifteenth Judicial District - Cheyenne County Judge

There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable Paul D. Tallman

Retention year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain

Judge Paul D. Tallman was appointed as Cheyenne County Court Judge on January 20, 1987, and was retained in 1990. In that capacity, Judge Tallman presides over criminal and civil litigation cases assigned to the court. The court had the following new filing caseload in 1993: Traffic, 403; Misdemeanors, 25; and Civil and Small Claims, 67.

The Judge is generally regarded as efficient, dedicated, and courteous by the persons providing information to the Commission. Evaluations by courthouse personnel and law enforcement were consistently high. Any criticism received was in a relatively low percentage of questionnaires received from attorneys. The Commission is of the opinion that Judge Tallman honestly addressed both his strengths and weaknesses during the interview process and displayed a good capability to continue to serve as Cheyenne County Court Judge.

Judge Tallman is married to Mary Jo Tallman, and they have three children. He is very active in community activities, centering largely on youth and school activities.

The Commission is of the opinion that Judge Tallman is an asset to the bench and should BE RETAINED.