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Colorado Supreme Court

Honorable George E. Lohr

Retention year: 1992
Recommendation: Retain

Justice Lohr received his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from South Dakota State University in 1953. After his graduation, Justice Lohr served as an officer in the United States Air Force until 1955. He obtained his law degree from the University of Michigan in 1958 and was admitted tot eh bar of Colorado on September 17, 1958. Justice Lohr was in private practice with the law firm of Davis, Graham, and Stubbs in Denver from 1958 until 1968. Thereafter, he served as corporate counsel for corporations in California and Pitkin County until 1972, when he was appointed to the office of District Court Judge for the Ninth Judicial District in Aspen, Colorado. During his tenure of nearly eight years as a district court judge, he served as the Chief Judge for the Ninth Judicial District and as a Water Judge. He was appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court on December 14, 1979.

Justice Lohr indicated that he has a strong commitment to being open-minded and fair in the resolution of cases presented to the Colorado Supreme Court. The survey of attorneys suggested that his performance is consistent with those qualities. Justice Lohr received particularly high marks from lawyers for his legal analysis and scholarship, temperament and fairness.

The State Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Justice George E. Lohr BE RETAINED.