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Second Judicial District - Denver County Judge

2008 Retention Survey Report
There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable John Michael Marcucci

Retention year: 2008
Recommendation: Retain

The Second Judicial District Performance Commission unanimously recommends that Judge John Michael Marcucci BE RETAINED.

Background: Judge Marcucci has served on the Denver County Court since 1990.  Prior to his judicial appointment he was a partner in a law firm specializing in criminal, bankruptcy and civil law.  His undergraduate degree is from Regis College, and his law degree is from the University Of Denver College Of Law.  Judge Marcucci is currently presiding over Traffic Court, having presided over criminal first appearances from 2003 to 2006.  In Traffic Court, the majority of defendants appear pro se; transcripts of two trials demonstrate Judge Marcucci’s efforts to insure that justice is served.

Members of the Commission reviewed surveys from attorneys, jurors, defendants, law enforcement, and probation officers who appeared before Judge Marcucci.  Members also observed him in court, read transcripts of trials to the court, and interviewed him.

Strengths: All but a very few attorneys and non-attorneys surveyed rated Judge Marcucci well above the average of all judges.  He received high marks in case management, knowledge and application of the law, communications, demeanor, and diligence.  His oral decisions are organized, clear, and demonstrate a dedication to helping the parties before him understand his rulings.

Recommendation: 97% of attorneys and 98% of non-attorneys supported Judge Marcucci’s retention.