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Colorado Court of Appeals

Honorable Dale P. Tursi

Retention year: 1992
Recommendation: Retain

Judge Tursi received his undergraduate degree with a major in Economics in 1949 from Drake University. He received his law degree from Drake University in 1951, and was subsequently admitted to the Colorado Bar. He engaged in private law practice in Des Moines, Iowa from 1951 to 1952, and in Pueblo, Colorado from 1954 to 1980. Judge Tursi was appointed to the Colorado Court of Appeals in 1980.

The survey of attorneys who have appeared before Judge Tursi reflects a consensus that Judge Tursi performs his work as an appellate judge satisfactorily. The weight of the attorney survey and other evaluation data considered by the Commission support the conclusion that Judge Tursi is worthy of retention.

The State Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Dale P. Tursi BE RETAINED.