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Sixth Judicial District - La Plata County Judge

Honorable Elizabeth C. Callard

Retention year: 1992
Recommendation: Retain

Judge Callard received her undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Colorado in 1973, and her law degree from the University of Arizona in August 1981. She was admitted to the Colorado Bar in May of 1982 and worked in private practice until August of 1983, when she became a deputy state public defender in the Durango office. In May 1985, she left the public defender’s office for a sole practice until January of 1989 when she was appointed as the County Judge in La Plata County.

Judicial performance surveys were given to lawyers, litigants, law enforcement and court personnel. Three out of five persons responding favored retention of Judge Callard, though a majority of the lawyers surveyed felt the contrary. After interviewing Judge Callard, it was felt the lawyer’s responses were primarily the result of good faith disagreement regarding changes implemented by Judge Callard to control the increasing caseload.

The 6th Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance, by a substantial majority, recommends that Judge Callard be retained.