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Seventh Judicial District - District Judge

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Honorable Robert A. Brown

Retention year: 1992
Recommendation: Retain

Judge Robert A. Brown is an outstanding jurist. The Commission strongly recommends the retention of Judge Brown, not only because of his popularity among those he works with daily, but also because of the commitment he obviously has made toward excellence in the judiciary. His commitment includes efficient management of this caseload in order to minimize the delay in the resolution of cases; firm sentencing of convicted criminals, but with an eye to alternatives to prison in appropriate cases; and a resolve to maintain the respect and dignity of the judiciary. The Seventh Judicial District is fortunate to have Judge Brown on the bench.

All of the people responding to the questionnaires – including attorneys, court staff, litigants and law enforcement – would retain Judge Robert A. Brown. Comments received from attorneys complimented Judge Brown on his fairness and even demeanor. They also noted he is courteous, conscientious and hard working. Commission members who sat in on Judge Brown’s proceedings observed similar qualities. Others responding emphasized Judge Brown’s professional manner, including jurors who stated they felt at ease because of the combination of Judge Brown’s politeness, sense of humor and control of the courtroom. Many of the comments received simply stated Judge Robert A. Brown is an excellent judge.

Judge Robert Brown receives high marks based on the Commission interview. His presentation of himself to the Commission was respectful and forthright. Judge Brown indicated to the Commission he enjoys his work and is interested in staying in his position. He admits to being a workaholic, and that he would much rather work long hours that have litigants waiting too long for decisions. In the area of sentencing, he admitted to having a tough attitude toward crimes of violence and drug trafficking and in inclined to hand out prison sentences for such crimes. In other cases, he prefers alternatives to prison, and feels that in many cases, mandatory sentences may not be appropriate and in general many not be deterring crime.

Robert A. Brown has been a District Court Judge in the Seventh Judicial District since 1978. He has also been the District Water Judge for the same period of time. He sits mainly in Delta, but also travels to Montrose, Telluride and occasionally Gunnison to hear cases as needed. Prior to his appointment to the District Bench, Judge Brown was the Delta County Court Judge.

Judge Brown was appointed to his current position by the Governor in Judge 1978. Prior to that he served as the Delta County Judge for 8 years. He received his law degree in 1964 from the University of Colorado. Judge Brown was engaged in private practice of law from his admission to the bar in 1964 until being appointed County Judge. While in private practice he also served as a part-time Deputy District Attorney in Delta County. Since 1974, Judge Brown regularly has attended courses offered by the National Judicial College and American Academy of Judicial Education. He is a member of the American, Colorado  and Seventh Judicial District Bar Associations, holding offices at the state and district level, as well as county and district judges’ associations and other legal groups. Currently he serves as president of the Seventh Judicial District Bench-Bar Committee.

The 7th Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Robert A. Brown be retained.