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Twentieth Judicial District - District Judge

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Honorable Morris W. Sandstead Jr.

Retention year: 1992
Recommendation: Retain

A Colorado native, Judge Morris W. Sandstead, Jr. was admitted to practice in 1967. After a judicial clerkship he practiced law with the firm of Williams, Trine and Greenstine, P.C. and its successors in Boulder until he was appointed to the bench in 1982. Since that time he has served in each area of the District Court, hearing criminal, juvenile, civil, probate and domestic matters.

Perhaps the most openly humane and compassionate of Boulder’s judges, Judge Sandstead is widely regarded as being sympathetic to the people who appear before him. He is also viewed as a competent legal scholar who works diligently and treats all parties fairly. He is able to express his feelings about the process in the courtroom, which makes many people feel he understands how important the process is to them. However, this strength also results in a principal criticism of his; he appears to be too emotional in the courtroom, and he philosophizes or preaches too much. A significant number of people responding to the surveys commented Judge Sandstead show frustration with the parties and the process by lecturing. The Commission sees this criticism as important, but notes it results from a basic strength.

All of the surveyed groups rated Judge Sandstead highly: attorneys, 86.6% to retain; courthouse personnel, 90.9% to retain; law enforcement personnel, 91.7% to retain.
The 20th Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Morris W. Sandstead, Jr. be Retained.