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Seventh Judicial District - District Judge

2008 Retention Survey Report

Honorable James Schum

Retention year: 2008
Recommendation: Retain

The Seventh Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance, by unanimous vote, recommends Judge James Schum BE RETAINED.

Judge Schum graduated from the University of Colorado Law School.  He spent eleven years in private practice, followed by nine years as a District Court magistrate.  Judge Schum was appointed to the district court bench in 2005.  Aside from his work on the bench, Judge Schum participates in outdoor activities and community boards.

Judge Schum’s workload consists of forty percent (40%) civil cases, thirty percent (30%) domestic relations and thirty percent (30%) criminal matters.

The Commission observed Judge Schum in the courtroom, reviewed his decisions, conducted a personal interview and reviewed his written self-evaluation.  The Commission found Judge Schum to be in control of the courtroom.  Judge Schum manages his docket in an efficient manner, makes rulings based on the merits of the case at hand and applies the law fairly and consistently.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of attorneys responding to the evaluation survey recommended that Judge Schum be retained in office, thirteen percent (13%) recommended that he not be retained, and thirteen percent (13%) had no opinion.  Of the non-attorneys, seventy-five percent (75%) recommended retention, eleven percent (11%) recommended non-retention, and fourteen (14%) had no opinion.