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Nineteenth Judicial District - District Judge

2008 Retention Survey Report
There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable Marcelo A. Kopcow

Retention year: 2008
Recommendation: Retain

The Nineteenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends by a unanimous vote that Judge Marcelo A. Kopcow BE RETAINED.

Background:  Judge Kopcow was appointed to the Weld County District Court in July, 2005.  He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston and from New York University Law School. 

Before his appointment to District Court, Judge Kopcow served as County Judge for Weld County (2004-2005), as Municipal Judge for the City of Greeley (2002-2004), and as Deputy District Attorney for Weld County.  His community interests include making presentations to service clubs and educational institutions about the role of the courts and judges, and volunteering as a baseball coach and for a program to assist community members through the food bank.  He serves on boards and committees related to the legal profession as well as community service agencies. 

Strengths:  Attorneys who responded to survey questions rated Judge Kopcow above average in all areas which included: (1) case management, (2) application and knowledge of law, (3) communications, (4) demeanor, and (5) diligence.  Attorneys commented that Judge Kopcow is fair and impartial toward both sides of the case, courteous and respectful to all parties, prepared, organized and prompt, intelligent and innovative, and he listens to and communicates well with all participants.  Non-attorneys who responded to survey questions rated Judge Kopcow above average in all areas which included: (1) demeanor, (2) fairness, (3) communications, (4) diligence, and (5) application and knowledge of law.  Non-attorneys commented that Judge Kopcow is respectful, compassionate and approachable, knowledgeable and professional, fair, understandable, and willing to listen.  The Commission reviewed written decisions that Judge Kopcow wrote.  His decisions were clearly written, appeared to be well-reasoned and consistent with precedent and laws.  Weaknesses:  Attorneys commented that Judge Kopcow occasionally is too involved in managing cases.

Recommendation:  91% of attorneys surveyed and 87% of non-attorneys surveyed strongly recommended that Judge Kopcow be retained.  Overall, 100% of attorneys and 96% of non-attorneys supported his retention.