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Twentieth Judicial District - District Judge

2008 Retention Survey Report

Honorable Roxanne Bailin

Retention year: 2008
Recommendation: Retain

The Twentieth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Chief Judge Roxanne Bailin BE RETAINED

Background:  Judge Roxanne Bailin has been Chief Judge of the Twentieth Judicial District since 1998.  She was appointed to the district court bench in 1987 after serving four years as a Boulder County Court Judge.  Prior to serving on the bench, Judge Bailin was a Clinical Professor and Director of the Legal Aid and Defender Program at the University of Colorado School of Law.  She received her law degree in 1974 from New York University Law School. Judge Bailin has received numerous awards in Boulder County and Colorado, including the 2007 Judicial Excellence Award from the Colorado Judicial Institute for the most outstanding Colorado District Court Judge.  Judge Bailin has demonstrated her commitment to the county through the development and implementation of programs for mental health, families and children, and high-risk youth.

The recommendation that Judge Bailin be retained is based upon survey results from lawyers, non-lawyers, and appellate judges who have knowledge of her performance as a judge, courtroom observations by Commission members, a personal interview conducted by Commission members, and public comment. 

Evaluation:  As chief judge, Judge Bailin oversees the administration of the district and county courts and the probation department, in addition to managing a district court docket.  Judge Bailin is an effective leader who seeks and builds unity on the court.  She has implemented various innovative judicial programs, including two specialized Integrated Treatment Courts, an adult criminal court and a neglect and dependency court, for supervising addicted defendants and parents utilizing a drug court model.  Judge Bailin currently serves as presiding judge for the adult Integrated Treatment court.  The Commission is especially impressed with the success of these programs under Judge Bailin’s leadership.

Judge Bailin is a prepared, thoughtful and informed jurist who carefully balances the needs of the community and the defendants to reach decisions in the criminal cases she handles. Judge Bailin manages her courtroom in an efficient, formal, and courteous manner giving litigants a full and fair opportunity to be heard with respect.

Recommendation:  Survey results showed extraordinarily strong support for retaining Judge Bailin.  Of those who stated an opinion, 100% of both the lawyers and non-lawyers recommended that she be retained.  The appellate court judges gave her a grade of “A-”, above the overall average for all district judges of “B+.”