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Fifth Judicial District - District Judge

Honorable Richard H. Hart

Retention year: 2000
Recommendation: Retain

The Fifth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Richard H. Hart BE RETAINED.

Judge Hart was appointed to the Fifth Judicial District Court bench in 1980. He serves as a full time judge in the Fifth Judicial District and handles civil, domestic and criminal cases as well as juvenile and probate cases.

The responses from both attorneys and non-attorneys who have observed or worked with Judge Hart indicate he is highly regarded and is qualified to continue his service to the District. Nearly all respondents believe Judge Hart's knowledge of the law, judicial demeanor and concern for every individual's rights are demonstrated in a conscientious, unpretentious manner. Judge Hart acknowledges delays in rendering decisions, especially those requiring lengthy written findings; however, recent changes in administrative practices have been made to allow more time in completing such cases. The Commission discussed with Judge Hart the perception from portions of the public regarding leniency to youthful offenders. After discussion, the Commission believes Judge Hart carefully administers the law, balanced with a genuine concern for juvenile offenders and the specific circumstances of each individual case.

The responses to the question of whether Judge Hart should be retained, and the comparison of responses to the same question on a statewide basis, were as follows: Non-attorneys (76 responding): Retain - 80%; Do not retain - 09%; No opinion -11% (State wide, 78% of non-attorneys recommended retention of district judges under consideration for retention, and 13% recommended against retention. Attorneys (63 responding): Retain - 81%; Do not retain - 18%; No opinion -02% (State wide, 85% of non-attorneys recommended retention of district judges under consideration for retention, and 11% recommended against retention.

Judge Hart displays genuine concern and determination in the pursuit of justice and the Commission believes he exceeds the standards and expectations of a District Judge. The recommendation of the Commission TO RETAIN Judge Hart is based upon his ability to consistently and effectively administer justice in an efficient and compassionate manner.