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Fifth Judicial District - Clear Creek County Judge

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Honorable Russell H. Granger

Retention year: 2000
Recommendation: Retain

The Fifth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Russell H. Granger BE RETAINED.

Judge Granger was appointed to the Clear Creek County Court bench in 1998. He serves as a part-time judge in Clear Creek County. Judge Granger handles misdemeanor criminal, traffic and civil cases.

The responses from both non-attorneys and attorneys who have observed or worked with Judge Granger indicated that he is qualified to continue his service as county judge. Virtually all respondents indicated that he has the ability to deal effectively with the legal and practical issues which confront him in that position and the demeanor to satisfy those with whom he deals that they are treated in a just manner in his court. The responses from both non-attorneys and attorneys establish that he significantly exceeds the favorable responses associated with other county judges in the state in every area. Similarly, the written responses received by the Commission confirmed that Judge Granger not only is determined to administer justice in a manner which is effective, fair and efficient, but that he succeeds in that goal.

The responses to the question of whether Judge Granger should be retained in office, and the comparison of responses to the same question on a state-wide basis, were as follows: Non-Attorneys (68 responding): Retain - 84%; Do not retain - 13%; No opinion - 3% (Statewide, 76% of non-attorneys recommended retention of county judges under consideration for retention and 14% recommended against retention) Attorneys (14 responding): Retain - 86%; Do not retain - 7%; No opinion - 7% (Statewide, 78% of attorneys recommended retention of county judges under consideration for retention, and 16% recommended against retention).

The recommendation of the Commission is based upon Judge Granger's ability to effectively deal with the administration of justice, his determination and ability to deal with issues which challenge the administration of justice, and the consensus of the community, both attorneys and non-attorneys, that Judge Granger has exceeded the standards which are generally recognized and achieved across the state.