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Eighth Judicial District - Jackson County Judge

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Honorable Rex A. Shaw

Retention year: 2000
Recommendation: Retain

The Eighth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge Rex A. Shaw BE RETAINED.

Judge Shaw was appointed as the Jackson County Court Judge in September 1985. Judge Shaw is a non-attorney, who as a part-time rural County Court Judge has served on the bench for almost fifteen years. Judge Shaw has recently resigned from his employment in construction management allowing him more time for the business of the County Court.

The Judicial Performance Commission personally interviewed each judge in the District whose term was nearing completion and who was seeking retention. Further, written evaluations were requested from a random sample of attorneys, court employees, law enforcement personnel, jurors, litigants, crime victims and other constituents who have been involved in proceedings in each judge's court. Survey results were designed and compiled by an independent agency to provide confidentiality.

Forty-four (44) non-attorneys and 7 attorneys responded to a survey on the performance of Judge Shaw in six areas of courtesy, impartiality, communication skills, judicial temperament, diligence, and application of law. Eighty-six percent (86%) of non-attorneys and 83% of attorneys recommended that Judge Shaw be retained in office. Fourteen percent (14%) of non-attorneys and 17% of attorneys recommended that Judge Shaw not be retained in office.

Judge Shaw reports that his workload is primarily comprised of the following judicial areas: traffic, civil, and criminal. The Judicial Performance Commission was impressed with Judge Shaw's efforts to gain further professional growth through attendance at Judicial College, Judicial Conferences, and resourcing judicial computer information.

Judge Shaw impressed the Judicial Performance Commission with his enthusiasm for fairness, his genuine concern to positively respond to criticism, and his refreshing approach to the administration of the law. The Commission finds that Judge Rex A. Shaw capably and efficiently meets the needs of this unique rural court assignment.