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Ninth Judicial District - Rio Blanco County Judge

Honorable Gerard C. Viscardi

Retention year: 2000
Recommendation: Retain

The Ninth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that County Judge Gerard C. Viscardi BE RETAINED.

Judge Viscardi has practiced law in Rio Blanco County for 23 years. He was appointed to the County Court bench in 1996.

Judge Viscardi is a part-time County Court Judge for Rio Blanco County Court, Division One, located in Meeker, Colorado. As a part-time judge he is permitted to engage in the practice of law in addition to sitting as a judge. Judge Viscardi's practice includes working as the Attorney for the Town of Meeker. Responsibilities as Town Attorney include being an advisor to the Meeker Police Department and prosecuting Meeker Municipal cases.

To avoid the appearance of impropriety arising out of these dual roles, Judge Viscardi applies special procedures: He will advise all defendants appearing in court of his role as a prosecutor upon first appearance; He will refrain from engaging in ex parte discussions with members of the Meeker Police Department about any pending county court cases; a defendant in County Court may request a different judge with prejudice or hardship to their case.

The results of the survey are contained in questionnaires returned by 59 respondents. Respondents include court employees, victims, litigants jurors law enforcement and attorneys. The attorneys responded with 86% recommending retention and 14 % returning no opinion as to retention. Non attorneys responded with 72% favoring retention, 11% recommended non-retention and 17% expressing no opinion. The Ninth Judicial District Performance Commission recommends that Judge Gerard C. Viscardi BE RETAINED in office.