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Eighteenth Judicial District - Arapahoe County Judge

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Honorable Richard Morgan Jauch

Retention year: 2000
Recommendation: Retain

The Eighteenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Richard Morgan Jauch BE RETAINED.

Judge Jauch was appointed to County Court in October 1985, and his current judicial service exceeds 13 years. This includes more than three years as a County Court Referee, which he was appointed in 1982. He served as a Deputy District Attorney specializing in criminal cases before his appointment as a judge. His present caseload consists of 95 % traffic and criminal cases; the rest being civil cases. Dealing with many people who are experiencing the court system for the first time, Judge Jauch's comforting demeanor, willingness and ability to explain the process is a credit and benefit to the judicial system.

Judge Jauch is considered extremely fair and courteous and bases his decisions on both the law and facts of individual cases. In surveys of non-attorneys, such as jurors, law enforcement officers and court personnel, 90% recommended retention of Judge Jauch. Only 4% did not, and 6% had no opinion. He received good ratings for courtesy, impartiality and knowledge and application of the law. He was given good ratings also on diligence, communication skills and judicial temperament. Attorney surveys indicated 89% believe Judge Jauch should be retained while 9% did not, and 2% had no opinion.