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Twentieth Judicial District - Boulder County Judge

Honorable Diane R. MacDonald

Retention year: 2000
Recommendation: Retain

The Twentieth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Diane R. MacDonald BE RETAINED.

This recommendation is based upon survey results from litigants, court staff, jurors, law enforcement personnel, attorneys and others; information received at a public hearing conducted on April 4, 2000; courtroom observations by Commission members; a personal interview conducted with the judge; and other information and materials received.

Judge Diane MacDonald was appointed to the Boulder County Court bench in 1993. Before she was appointed, Judge MacDonald served as Twentieth Judicial District Magistrate for five years. In County Court, Judge MacDonald's cases involve primarily traffic and criminal matters although she does hear some civil cases.

Both attorneys and non-attorneys surveyed rated Judge MacDonald highly for fairness and lack of bias. She was found to treat everyone equally regardless of race, gender, age and socio-economic status. Attorneys rated Judge MacDonald highly for her professionalism and her efficiency in handling court matters.

Of the non-attorneys surveyed, 82% recommended Judge MacDonald be retained, while 5% favored non-retention and 12% had no opinion. Of the attorneys surveyed 92% recommended retention, while 8% preferred non-retention.

It is the recommendation of the Commission that Judge MacDonald be retained.