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What is merit selection and retention of judges? What judges are state court judges and what judges are not state court judges? How often do judges stand for retention election? What are commissions on judicial performance? In which judicial district do I live? What is the composition of the commissions? Who makes appointments to the commissions? Are these non-partisan commissions? Who serves on the judicial performance commissions? How are judges evaluated? Who gets to fill out a survey questionnaire? What happens after the survey questionnaires are completed and returned? Will judges and commissioners see any completed questionnaires? Are the overall results of the judicial performance surveys available to the public? How can I see them? I would like to evaluate a judge. Can I do that? Do judicial performance commissions review individual cases of judges? Why doesn’t the narrative include the judge’s party affiliation? Why doesn’t the judge run against anyone? What if I think a judge has done something illegal or unethical? Does the commission investigate complaints against a judge? Does the commission evaluate the performance of state court magistrates? What if I think a magistrate has done something illegal or unethical? What if I want to file a complaint against an attorney? Other information: