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Feedback on Colorado Judges

Commissions on Judicial Performance Evaluation review information from many valuable sources. One source includes Survey Reports compiled from completed questionnaires of selected individuals appearing before Colorado judges. The selection process is complicated, and as such, not all those appearing before judges can be selected. If you have recently appeared before a judge, and believe you can provide information about the judge's skills and abilities, then this is your opportunity to participate in the process!

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Attorney Survey Link

Attorneys licensed to practice in the State of Colorado can use this survey link to complete a judicial survey evaluation.

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Jury Survey Link

Individuals who have completed Jury Duty within the State of Colorado can complete a Judicial Survey Evaluation here.

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Comments about Colorado Judges

Commissions on Judicial Performance review statements and comments from citizens who have experience before a Colorado Judge as part of the evaluation process. If you would like to provide specific written comments about a judge’s performance please click on the Submit Comments box below. Your comments will be shared with the Commission on Judicial Performance as well as the judge as part of the evaluation process. If you would rather your feedback be anonymous please complete the Judge's Feedback section on this page. This option provides you the opportunity to complete a survey anonymously. While we ask that you provide this office with your name and contact information, your individual survey responses will be anonymous. All responses are compiled into a final survey report representing all of the responses we receive for a particular judge. Any personal identifying information will be removed prior to the report being published.

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