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Twenty-First Judicial District Commissioners

Mesa County

Name Appointment by and Type* Term Date
Jeffrey S. Hurd CJ, Attorney 11/30/2023
Rich Tuttle CJ, Attorney 11/30/2023
Michael B. Delaney G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021
Bill Wade, Vice-Chair G, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021
Michael Burke PS, Attorney 11/30/2021
Sam Susuras PS, Non-Attorney 11/30/2023
Elizabeth R. Shaver SH, Attorney 11/30/2021
Emily Kampf SH, Non-Attorney 11/30/2023
Janet Rowland SML, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021
Andrew Weber HML, Non-Attorney 11/30/2021

Court Executive
Will Sightler
Mesa County Justice Center
125 North Spruce
P.O. Box 20,000-5030
Grand Junction, CO 81502

CJ = Chief Justice
G = Governor
PS = President of the Senate
SH = Speaker of the House

SML = Senate Minority Leader

HML = House Minority Leader

PIL = Public Information Liaison