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Current Commissioner Opportunities

Judicial District Appointing Authority Appointment Type Term Date
3rd House Speaker Non-Attorney 11/30/2023
11th House Speaker Attorney 11/30/2021
13th House Minority Leader Non-Attorney 11/30/2021

*All Appointing Authorities in parenthesis above were the orginal appointing authorities, but failed to timely appoint. Pursuant to statute, the State Commission is charged with filling these appointments. Once the newly appointed Commissioner's term ends, the appointment will go back to the original appointing authority.


Description of Commissioner Duties

Commissions on judicial performance provide voters with fair, responsible, and constructive evaluations of Colorado state court judges and justices seeking retention in general elections.  Commissions also provide "interim evaluations" of judges in off years. Commissions do not make recommendations during the interim cycle but can identify areas of performance concerns and provide feedback to the judge/justice.  Evaluation results, whether during the retention cycle or interim cycle, provide judges with performance feedback they can use to improve their judicial skills and abilities.

The State Commission evaluates appellate court judges from the Colorado Supreme Court and Colorado Court of Appeals, while district commissions evaluate district court and county court judges from their district.

To evaluate the overall performance of a judge, commissioners review information from the following sources:

In election years, commissioners prepare narratives summarizing their performance review of the judges, which also includes a retention recommendation.  These narratives appear in the State Ballot Information Booklet (also known as the Blue Book) and on the Office of Judicial Performance website.

If you're interested in learning more about the duties of a commissioner, please contact Kent Wagner (kent.wagner@judicial.state.co.us) at 303-928-7779.

How to Apply

Download the Commissioner Application

Please submit your completed application and resume to:

Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, Suite 220
Denver, CO 80203

Applications are accepted on a continuing basis and may be submitted to the appointing authorities as vacancies occur.