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Fourth Judicial District - District Judge

Honorable Douglas E. Anderson

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

It is the opinion of the Fourth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance that Judge Douglas E. Anderson should BE RETAINED.

Judge Douglas E. Anderson graduated from Loyola of Chicago School of Law in 1973. He was first appointed to the El Paso County Court Bench in 1983. He was subsequently appointed to the District Court Bench in 1987 and has served in that position since that time.

Judge Anderson was last retained by the voter in 1990. His ratings among those responding attorneys surveyed was among the highest of any of the judges review being 93.4% for retention, 3.3% do not retain and 3.3% no opinion. The juror evaluation and the law enforcement evaluations also strongly recommended retention.

Judge Anderson received exceptionally high ratings in the following areas: Sentences fairly; maintains courtroom control; is courteous; works diligently; and displays knowledge of evidence and procedure.

The Commission feels that Judge Douglas E. Anderson is an excellent judge and should be retained.