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Fourth Judicial District - Teller County Judge

There is a more recent evaluation available for this judge. You can access the evaluation here.

Honorable Jackson L. Peters Jr.

Retention year: 1996
Recommendation: Retain

It is the opinion of the Fourth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance that Judge Jackson L. Peters should be retained.

Judge Peters was appointed to the Teller County Court in 1989 and has been the County Judge since that time. The Teller County Court sits in Cripple Creek and the Judge hears an entire range of cases that come before the County Court and because he is the only regular sitting Judge in Cripple Creek, also hears juvenile cases, small claims and acts as a District Court Judge on assignment.

Judge Peters obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Southern Methodist University in 1973, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Georgia in 1978. From 1978 to 1980, he served as a Staff Attorney at the Colorado Rural Legal Services Office in Alamosa and form 1980 to 1989 he serves as a Staff Attorney for Pike Peak Legal Services at Colorado Springs.

Evaluations received from attorneys rate Judge Peters very favorably with an overall retention rating of 86.5%. An overwhelming number of attorneys thought he was punctual, knowledgeable and maintains appropriate demeanor and control in the courtroom. The jurors that appeared before him thought he was an exemplary judge.