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Honorable R. Michael Mullins

Retention year: 2012
Recommendation: Retain

The Second Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge R. Michael Mullins BE RETAINED.

Judge Mullins was appointed to the Denver District Court bench in November 1990. Prior to his appointment, Judge Mullins practiced in the Denver Trial Office of the Colorado State Public Defender and served in both the Litigation Section of the Colorado Attorney General's Office and the Division of Hearing Officers. He also spent several years in private practice specializing in worker's compensation, criminal, and administrative law. Judge Mullins received his undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from St. Louis University and his law degree from the University of Colorado Law School in 1975. During the past two years Judge Mullins has presided over primarily civil cases.

The Commission reviewed surveys of Judge Mullins from attorneys and non-attorneys, a written self-evaluation, written opinions, and conducted an interview with Judge Mullins.  Judge Mullins’ written opinions are easy to follow and provide a clear understanding of the law and facts of the case.  During courtroom observations, commissioners noted that Judge Mullins provided clear and concise guidance to attorneys and participants in the process.  Judge Mullins received high ratings from attorneys and non-attorneys.  He received above average ratings from attorneys in the areas of demeanor, application and knowledge of the law, as well as communications.  In previous years Judge Mullins' ratings in these areas were average, however, during this evaluation period his ratings were above average compared to other district judges standing for retention.  Non-attorneys rated Judge Mullins exceptionally high in all areas, especially demeanor and communications.

Of all attorneys surveyed about retention, 90% recommended to retain, 4% not to retain, and 5% were undecided or didn’t have enough information to make a recommendation. Of those expressing an opinion to retain or not to retain, 96% recommended to retain and 4% not to retain.  Of all non-attorneys surveyed, 95% recommended to retain, 2% not to retain, and 3% were undecided or didn’t have enough information to make a recommendation.  Of those expressing an opinion to retain or not to retain, 98% recommended to retain and 2% not to retain.  (These percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.)