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Honorable Robert B. Crew Jr.

Retention year: 2012
Recommendation: Retain

The Second Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge Robert B. Crew, Jr. BE RETAINED.

Judge Crew was appointed to the Denver County Court in September of 1977.  Prior to his appointment, he was an attorney in private practice and also served as a part-time magistrate for three years.  Judge Crew received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and graduated from the University of Cincinnati Law School and attended The University of Michigan Law School.  He is currently assigned to the traffic division of the Denver County Court.

The Commission interviewed Judge Crew and reviewed his self-evaluation, one oral ruling, two preliminary hearing transcripts, and results of surveys completed by attorneys and non-attorneys. From attorneys, Judge Crew received ratings about the average of ratings for other county judges standing for retention in the areas of case management and communications. Non-attorneys gave high ratings to Judge Crew in the areas of demeanor, fairness, diligence, and application of the law. He works hard, provides clear explanations of his decisions, and gives the impression to parties that the court cares about them.  Judge Crew also tries to make people appearing in his court feel at ease and he builds respect for the court system. He encourages compliance with the conditions of probation and future obedience to all laws.  Many attorneys who returned surveys noted that Judge Crew is efficient in managing his docket, congenial, and highly competent.  However, a few attorney-respondents stated that while Judge Crew exhibits a sense of humor, he has occasionally made inappropriate comments within the context of telling jokes.  Given Judge Crew’s long and distinguished service on the bench consistently high ratings, the Commission is confident in its unanimous recommendation that he be retained, but would add a suggestion that he work on monitoring his comments in open court.

Of all attorneys surveyed, 83% recommended to retain, 12% not to retain, and 5% were either undecided or didn’t have enough information to make a recommendation.  Of those expressing an opinion to retain or not to retain, 87% recommended to retain and 12% not to retain.  Of all non-attorneys surveyed, 91% recommended to retain, 4% not to retain, and 6% were undecided or didn’t have enough information to make a recommendation.  Of those expressing an opinion to retain or not to retain, 96% recommended to retain and 4% not to retain. (These percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.)