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2014 Judicial Performance Evaluations - Full List

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Supreme Court

Honorable Brian D. Boatright Retain Honorable Monica M. Márquez Retain

Court of Appeals

Honorable Alan M. Loeb Retain Honorable Terry Fox Retain

First Judicial District (Gilpin, Jefferson Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Randall C. Arp Retain Honorable Margie L. Enquist Retain Honorable Ann Gail Meinster Retain Honorable Lily Oeffler Retain Honorable Tamara Russell Retain Honorable Christopher C. Zenisek Retain
Jefferson County Judges

Honorable Susan L. Fisch Retain Honorable Mark Randall Retain Honorable Ryan J. Stuart Retain Honorable Thomas Vance Retain Honorable Jean Woodford Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Gilpin County.

Second Judicial District (Denver County)

District Judges

Honorable Martin F. Egelhoff Retain Honorable J. Eric Elliff Retain Honorable A. Bruce Jones Retain Honorable John Madden Retain Honorable Robert L. McGahey Jr. Retain Honorable Sheila Ann Rappaport Retain Honorable Elizabeth Anne Starrs Retain Honorable Michael J. Vallejos Retain Honorable Elizabeth D. Leith Retain
Denver County Judges

Honorable Johnny Charles Barajas Retain Honorable James B. Breese Retain Honorable Dianne L. Briscoe No Opinion Honorable Brian Thomas Campbell Retain Honorable Clarisse Gonzalez Mangnall Retain

Third Judicial District (Huerfano, Las Animas Counties)

District Judges

No district court judges standing for retention.

Las Animas County Judges

Honorable Bruce A. Billings Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Huerfano County.

Fourth Judicial District (El Paso, Teller Counties)

District Judges

Honorable William Bain Retain Honorable Edward S. Colt Retain Honorable Jann DuBois Retain Honorable Barbara L. Hughes Retain Honorable Thomas Kelly Kane Retain Honorable Thomas L. Kennedy Retain Honorable Michael P. McHenry Retain Honorable David Prince Retain Honorable Gregory R. Werner Retain
El Paso County Judges

Honorable Christopher Edward Acker Retain Honorable Lawrence D. Martin Retain Honorable Douglas J. Miles Retain Honorable Ann M. Rotolo Retain Honorable Stephen J. Sletta Retain Honorable Jonathan L. Walker Retain Honorable Regina Walter Retain
Teller County Judges

Honorable Lin Billings-Vela Retain

Fifth Judicial District (Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, Summit Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Mark D. Thompson Retain Honorable Frederick Walker Gannett Retain Honorable Russell H. Granger Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit Counties.

Sixth Judicial District (Archuleta, La Plata, San Juan Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Suzanne F. Carlson Retain
La Plata County Judges

Honorable Martha Tinsley Minot Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Archuleta and San Juan Counties.

Seventh Judicial District (Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel Counties)

District Judges

Honorable J. Steven Patrick Retain Honorable Mary E. Deganhart Retain
Montrose County Judges

Honorable Julie J. Huffman Retain Honorable Ben A. Morris Retain
Ouray County Judges

Honorable David Scott Westfall Retain
San Miguel County Judges

Honorable Scott Timothy Erickson Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Delta, Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties.

Eighth Judicial District (Jackson, Larimer Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Julie Kunce Field Retain Honorable Thomas R. French Retain Honorable Stephen E. Howard Retain
Jackson County Judges

Honorable Cindy Wilson Retain
Larimer County Judges

Honorable Thomas L. Lynch Retain Honorable Peter E. Schoon Jr. Retain

Ninth Judicial District (Garfield, Pitkin, Rio Blanco Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Denise K. Lynch Retain
Garfield County Judges

Honorable Paul H. Metzger Retain Honorable Jonathan Bruce Pototsky Retain
Pitkin County Judges

Honorable Erin Fernandez-Ely Retain
Rio Blanco County Judges

Honorable Laurie Noble Retain

Tenth Judicial District (Pueblo County)

District Judges

Honorable William David Alexander Retain
Pueblo County Judges

Honorable Steven Bruce Fieldman Retain Honorable Valerie Villanueva Haynes Do Not Retain Honorable David L. Lobato Retain

Eleventh Judicial District (Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Park Counties)

District Judges

Honorable David M. Thorson Retain
Custer County Judges

Honorable Peter F. Michaelson Retain
Fremont County Judges

Honorable Norman C. Cooling Retain
Park County Judges

Honorable Brian L. Green Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Chaffee County.

Twelfth Judicial District (Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grande, Saguache Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Michael A. Gonzales Retain
Alamosa County Judges

Honorable Daniel Austin Walzl Retain
Costilla County Judges

Honorable Kimberly Lynn Wood Retain
Rio Grande County Judges

Honorable Patrick Hayes Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Conejos, Mineral and Saguache Counties.

Thirteenth Judicial District (Kit Carson, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Yuma Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Kevin L. Hoyer Retain Honorable Douglas R. Vannoy Retain
Kit Carson County Judges

Honorable Michael K. Grinnan Retain
Morgan County Judges

Honorable Michael J. Schingle Retain
Yuma County Judges

Honorable Sara M. Wagers-Johnson Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Logan, Phillips, Sedgwick and Washington Counties.

Fourteenth Judicial District (Grand, Moffat, Routt Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Shelley A. Hill Retain
Grand County Judges

Honorable Ben W. McClelland Do Not Retain
Moffat County Judges

Honorable Sandra H. Gardner Retain
Routt County Judges

Honorable James H. Garrecht Retain

Fifteenth Judicial District (Baca, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Prowers Counties)

District Judges

No district court judges standing for retention.

Baca County Judges

Honorable Debra M. Gunkel Retain
Cheyenne County Judges

Honorable Gerald Keefe Retain
Kiowa County Judges

Honorable Gary W. Davis Retain
Prowers County Judges

Honorable Larry Eugene Stutler Retain

Sixteenth Judicial District (Bent, Crowley, Otero Counties)

District Judges

No district court judges standing for retention.

Crowley County Judges

Honorable Suzanne A. Grant Retain
Otero County Judges

Honorable Douglas R. Manley Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Bent County.

Seventeenth Judicial District (Adams, Broomfield Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Robert Walter Kiesnowski Jr. Retain Honorable John E. Popovich Retain Honorable Ted C. Tow III Retain Honorable Mark Douglas Warner Retain Honorable Francis C. Wasserman Retain Honorable Craig Welling Retain
Adams County Judges

Honorable Brian Nathaniel Bowen Retain Honorable Michael A. Cox Retain Honorable Robert S. Doyle Retain Honorable Byron Lynn Howell Retain Honorable Sabino E. Romano Retain Honorable Dianna L. Roybal Retain
Broomfield County Judges

Honorable Amy Elizabeth Bockman Retain

Eighteenth Judicial District (Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, Lincoln Counties)

District Judges

Honorable Michelle Ann Amico Retain Honorable F. Stephen Collins Retain Honorable Paul A. King Retain Honorable Charles M. Pratt Retain Honorable Gerald J. Rafferty Retain Honorable Theresa Michelle Slade Retain Honorable Elizabeth Beebe Volz Retain Honorable John L. Wheeler Retain
Arapahoe County Judges

Honorable Dana Elizabeth Murray Retain Honorable Cheryl Rowles-Stokes Retain Honorable Robert Charles Tobias Retain Honorable Darren Louis Vahle Retain
Douglas County Judges

Honorable Lawrence Bowling Retain Honorable Monica J. Gomez Retain Honorable Susanna Meissner-Cutler Retain
Elbert County Judges

Honorable Palmer L. Boyette Retain
Lincoln County Judges

Honorable Truston Lee Fisher Retain

Nineteenth Judicial District (Weld County)

District Judges

Honorable Timothy G. Kerns Retain Honorable Marcelo Adrian Kopcow Retain
Weld County Judges

Honorable John J. Briggs Retain Honorable Michele Meyer Retain Honorable Dana Nichols Retain Honorable Charles S. Unfug Retain

Twentieth Judicial District (Boulder County)

District Judges

Honorable Maria E. Berkenkotter Retain Honorable Ingrid S. Bakke Retain Honorable Patrick Butler Retain Honorable Judith L. LaBuda Retain Honorable Andrew Ross Macdonald Retain
Boulder County Judges

Honorable David Archuleta Retain Honorable Noel E. Blum Retain Honorable Karolyn Moore Do Not Retain Honorable Norma A. Sierra Retain

Twenty-First Judicial District (Mesa County)

District Judges

Honorable David A. Bottger Retain Honorable Thomas Michael Deister Retain Honorable Brian J. Flynn Retain
Mesa County Judges

Honorable Bruce R. Raaum Retain

Twenty-Second Judicial District (Dolores, Montezuma Counties)

District Judges

No district court judges standing for retention.

Montezuma County Judges

Honorable JenniLynn Everett Lawrence Retain
No county court judges standing for retention in Dolores County.